Become a Basildon Market Trader!

If you're thinking of starting a new business then a market stall could be right up your street.

Becoming a Basildon market trader is a low risk, low - cost way to turn your business dream into a reality.

Start small and grow

Being a trader is an ideal way into retail for any budding entrepreneur. In fact, some of the country's most successful High Street names started out on a market stall.

Low cost

You can start you own pitch on Basildon Market from as a little of £ 30.00 per day*

* Initial 4 weeks only


Trading on Basildon market allows you to be flexible and take your business to your customers, without being tied into expensive long term property leases.

Purfect Pets

If your pet could talk to you it would demand you take it to Michael Gridley's stall in Basildon Market. Known as Purfect Pets, the name gives you a huge clue as to what you will find there. But there are some surprises as well. What about treating your dog to a postman's leg, a pig's ear, a roasted knuckle, or any one of the 50+ doggy treats available?

A business born of passion

Like so many successul businesses, Purfect Pets is th eresult of one man's dream and passion. Michael has more than 35 years experience in the pet food industry, and opened his Pet Supplies stall at Basildon Market just two years ago. Clearly his customers like what he does, as he has recently taken more space to allow him to expand his range. He is passionate about his pet business, having started at the age of 14 as a Saturday lad in Grays. Now he is fulfilling his childhood dream, and it's quite clear he knows exactly what he's doing.

Purfect Customer Service from the Pet Expert

Pet supplies is on eof those unusual businesses where th ecustomer is not the one who chooses and not th eone who pays. The pets are the ultimat econsumers but you need a lot of experience to understand what they want. Perhaps Michael has some magical abilities, but one way or another he has built up a hugely successful customer base. His services include a 100% money-back guarantee, free delivery and free help and advice. His pet knowledge is second to none - he is THE pet expert. And he's only happy when your pet is happy.

What a Range of Products

We've already mentioned postman's legs and the like, but Purfect Pets has a comprehensive range for dogs, cats, birds, fish and many more besides. If he hasn't got what you're looking for, Michael guarantees to get it for you within a few days. As you walk around the Purfect Pets stall you realise it isoverflowing with every type of pet product you can imagine. How about a lead for your rat or ferret? Or bedding for your pet? But the range isnt limited to earthbound pets - there is also a huge range of bird and wild bird products.

Getting started

Call Paul Dawson on 01268 288268/ 07881 553116 or email

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